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--This Page is a Gallery for items I will be bringing to your con—

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I will be bringing to my table:

   1: Embroidered Harnesses: I will bring with me Complete, ready to buy harness. These stand out due to the custom embroidering on them with a variety of colors. I will also take orders for custom colors and stitching.


   2: Embroidery Badges & Patches: I will have pre made badges of different sizes. Always working on new furry themed patches and more. I can make embroidered text patches on the spot. Along with this I will be taking orders for custom embroidered fursona badges.

   3: Basic Repairs Services: If someone has a problem with their fursuit. I most likely will have a tool for that. I plan to bring with me the ability to fix most problems one would have with a fursuit.

   4: Pen & Ink Art : Framed prints

   5: Adult Section


Important: I will comply with all and any restrictions as this section is not needed, If it becomes to much drama to deal with I will exclude it 

1: Bed Restraint System 
2: Adjustable Toy Strap-on

Examples below, also please check out my Gallery and square store 

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